Jukka Tolonen


I started my studies at Helsinki University of Technology in 1973 in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I got my Master of Science in Technology degree in 1979. Along my studies I had a part time job in Imatran Voima Oy, where I also prepared my master's thesis. The instrument for measuring the harmonics in power lines was designed and the instrument utilized for monitoring the operation of a direct current power link between Finland and USSR.

After my military service I joined Wallac Oy in 1980 as an electronics designer and project leader working in several product development projects. Wallac, presently with Perkin-Elmer Inc., is a well known supplier of medical analysis instruments, such as gamma and liquid scintillation counters and time-resolved fluorometers. In 1983 I became the head of the electronics design division being responsible for all the electronics design work of the product development.

In 1985 I started as project leader at Kajaani Electronics Oy (presently a Metso Paper company) manufacturing and selling special measurement systems for pulp and paper industry. In 1987 I became the design manager of software development. In 1988 the company purchased a CAD system for mechanical and electronics design. As the system manager of the workstation network, I was responsible for tailoring the system to fit for the company's needs. 1989 I was promoted to the design manager for the software and hardware design.

In 1990 I moved to Helsinki, working in Labsystems Oy (presently a Thermo Electron company), as the design manager for instruments. My main responsibility was the development of luminometric and fluorometric medical measurements, but I occasionally gave hand to hardware and software development projects.

In 1993 I joined Si-Tecno Oy, a company specialized in high quality electronics design consulting. The design expertise of the company ranges from analog systems to high density digital ASICs. In this job I can apply all the knowledge and skills I have acquired during my 20 years career in electronics design:

Presently, I work as an independent consultant in my own enterprise Silicon Fibers Inc.

At my spare time I contribute to the leading Finnish professional electronics magazine, Prosessori. Presently, I am writing a series of articles about electronic design automation (EDA) software.

I am also interested in the history of electronics. I have designed and built several vintage audio amplifiers, and restored antique audio equipment. I have often contributed to Glass Audio magazine, "a modern-day witness to the resurgence of interest which has restored the tube as an authentic alternative to solid state".