My articles in Glass Audio Magazine

The following construction articles of mine have been published in Glass Audio Magazine.

The essential information for constructors (schematics, parts lists) are included in all articles. However, all graphics and photographs of the original magazine articles may not all be included. Backissues are available from the publisher.

  1. Overhauling a Revox G36 (GA 3/95)
  2. Peak Reading Level Meter Using Indicator Tubes (GA 2/95)
  3. Soft-Start for Power Tubes (GA 3/95)
  4. High Performance Tubed DAC Output Stage, Part 1 (GA 2/97 )
  5. High Performance Tubed DAC Output Stage, Part 2 (GA 4/95)

My articles in V&T News Magazine

  1. V&T News Visits Svetlana (V&T News January 1998)
  2. V&T News Visits KR Enterprise (V&T News June 1999) 

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