Taneli's Generally Homepage

13.5.2003 Website is open, and the tracks are here!

25.5.2003 Kioto is here!

20.9.2003 Isola and Gotland added!


Walltrack is my third track. I made it only with trackeditor. I don't put my first and second tracks here, because they're only "practice tracks", and very bad tracks.

Frankfurt is my 4th track. I like it very much. Its very fast track.


Los Angeles
This is my 5th track. Very hard to drive fast lap here.

My 6th track. Raced on Soul old airport.

Raced on Pekkaland's old oval track. This track might look Indianapolis.

Excotic city
My 8th track. (again city track!?). Your car go under the pier.

My 9th track. I made it together with nielske

My 10th track! nielske help me when I made this track.

New version of Gotland. My 11th track.